Forwarding Address

August 30, 2007

In my last post, I mentioned that it was time to take this baby on the road and that the new home for my blog is now  The great thing about that is that it’s true.  The funny thing about it is that as it turns out that having content living at two different addresses is not the world’s smartest thing to do.  I know, I know.  Common sense.  But for some reason, it never dawned on me that removing the content on this blog would be important.

But now it is.

So, herein lie some addresses, just to be sure that access to the brilliance does not diminish.

  • By far, the most popular post from this site was my piece on the complete works on Rush.  That now lives here.
  •  The three posts on listening to my iPod on Shuffle have their own category, which is here.
  • My bas(es) also have their own category, which is here.

And really, that about does it.  There are a few other posts from back in the old days, but truth be told, those listed above are my best work from this particular era of blogging.

Thanks again, and onward to my “new” blog!

Rick McLaughlin


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